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Saturday, January 27, 2007

"This film will blow your mind."

Here is John Harrison's atmospheric score for the 1980 psychological thriller "Effects." Thanks to legal wrangkes and the bankruptcy of the distributor, you haven't seen this film in theaters, on TV, or on video for the past 25 years until Synapse Films ironed all that out and released it on DVD. It's worth every penny.

Dom (Joe Pilato) is a cameraman sent to work with coldhearted director Lacey Bickle (John Harrison) and his crew on the set of a cheap slasher film. He falls for Celeste (Susan Chapek), his grip and actress, and gets on well with the crew, but something, to him, doesn't feel right about Lacey, and his suspicions lead him to uncover a secret that has the cast and crew in mortal danger. You want to find out what it is? Watch the film and see...

John Harrison's music is great, as always, and this ranks right up there with "Creepshow." Download and enjoy.

1. Main Title (03:06)
2. Man In The Mirror (00:16)
3. Lacey Checks The Cameras (01:34)
4. Celeste Does Shakespeare / Rita Gets Yanked (01:26)
5. Special Effects (00:31)
6. Radio Jingles (01:58)
7. Barney’s Dream (01:24)
8. I Need Your Love (02:51)
9. Desperate Pain (03:32)
10. Dom & Celeste Go Fishing (01:08)
11. Into The Control Room Pt. 1 (01:08)
12. Boy Talk (01:44)
13. Into The Control Room Pt. 2 (01:05)
14. I Gotta Run (03:28)
15. Dom & Celeste Meet The Pig (00:40)
16. The Chase (02:52)
17. Rita Hears Ghosts (00:57)
18. Barney Dies / Celeste Shoots Lacey (02:37)
19. The Escape (00:34)
20. Did You Get It? (01:05)
21. End Title (02:37)
22. UBU (After Satie) (03:52)

This is ridiculous...

The Music Nazis ar out in force. Many, many fine blogs have been hit, many just carrying OOP music. As Ozzy in "Bad Taste" exclaimed, "the bastards have landed!" Not only is it the douchebags from the MPAA and RIAA, it's also douchebag collectors. They can't sell their OOP albums at their already overinflated prices while they can be obtained for free, so they rat us out to the upload sites, and they either take our files down, or rat to Blogger and have our blogs shut down. Then, they can (in theory) keep sellign their goods for the price of a car payment. However, they don't stop to think that the people who downloaded the files can just re-up them. They're fighting a battle they can't possibly win unless they shut down the internet (and Al Gore won'tlet THAT happen, now will he?).

On that note, keep trying. We're like the giant killer bunny rabbits in "Night of the Lepus." You kill one of us, and a thousand others will come to take our place. We Bloggers stand united against your tyranny. You kill a file, it'll be re-upped in hours or minutes. You kill a blog, we'll just create a new one and keep sharing. We sharers are family, from the patriarch, right down to the brother's cousin's uncle's sister twice removed. We help our own when their files are killed or their blog suffers the same fate. And also, don't you aassholes realize that sharing music gets people interested in buying the CDs? A lot of albums that have been shared (barring very inflated prices on OOP ones) I have sought out and collected. So go on, keep on trying. You'll never win this battle. We sharers are a crafty bunch, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So there.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A treat for fans of Z-grade cinema.

Yes, it's happened. They've compiled an album of songs by the one-and-only Arch Hall, Jr. Mostfamous for appearing in turkeys "Wild Guitar" and "Eegah," Arch has become a legend in bad acting and bad singing. I may be tone deaf, but I don't find him terrible (now Ashlee Simpsosn, eggghhhh....). For those who love his Z-grade exploits, here's "Arch Hall Jr. and the Archers: Wild Guitar!" Not only do we get songs from the one and only's films, we also get dialogue clips from his films, as well as a recording of a concert that The Archers did at a drive-in to promote "Wild Guitar." It's actually a great listen. Enjoy! Special thanks go to Vinnie Rattolle for finding this. I owe you big.

1. The Sadist (dialogue)
2. Dune Buggy
3. Buzzola (dialogue)
4. Konga Joe
5. Theme from "Wild Guitar"
6. Termites (dialogue)
7. Steak's Theme
8. Monkey in My Hatband
9. Back in Business (dialogue)
10. Run, Vickie, Run
11. Mike Calls the Shots (dialogue)
12. Guitar Twist
13. A Date With Eegah (dialogue)
14. Theme from "Eegah"
15. I'm Growin' Taller
16. "Wild Guitar" Trailer (dialogue)
17. Stairfall (music and dialogue)
18. Twist Fever
19. Publicity (dialogue)
20. Money and Records
21. Steak
22. Eegah Crashes the Party (dialogue)
23. Brownsville Road (music and dialogue)
24. Vickie
25. Girl Bait (dialogue)
26. Daisy Dance
27. The Kidnappers
28. Judy Poody
29. Organ Twist
30. Bud Smells a Rat (dialogue)
31. Bud and Steak Square Off
32. Pep Talk (dialogue)
33. Archers Theme
34. If a Man Answers
35. Further On Up the Road
36. Stop Sneakin' 'Round
37. Nancy Czar Interview (dialogue)
38. Teenage Idol
39. Good Golly, Miss Molly
40. Wild Guitar
41. Hello Mary Lou
42. Susie Q
43. Yes I Will
44. Archers Theme Outro
45. You Little Punk (dialogue)
46. Watch Your Step
47. Big Boy Pete
48. The Choppers (dialogue)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Yet Another Repost

Thanks to Darth, I found out that the link for Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace was deleted. It has been re-upped. As always, the link is in the original post.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Do you see this writing...? Do you know what it means...? Hospitality. And you can't piss on hospitality! I WON'T ALLOW IT!"

Here is the main credits theme for 1990's "Troll 2," easily the dumbest sequel in recent years, composed by Carlo Maria Cordio. With a totally moronic plot, an incoherent script, bad acting, and the cheapest monster costume design of the 90s, this is a triumph of comedy, even if it wasn't meant to be one. WHen young Joshua (Michael Stephenson) learns that his family is headed on vacation to the town of Nilbog as part of an exchange of houses for one month, he's ecstatic at first, but he soon learns from the ghost of his Grandpa Seth (Robert Ormsby) that the town is the kingdom of goblins (not TROLLS as the title would make you believe), and that his family is next on the chopping block by the evil Goblin Queen (Deborah Reed) for goblin chow. Now he must try to save his family at any cost (even pissing on the dinner table when Grandpa Seth freezes his family to prevent them eating Nilbog food). The food in Nilbog will, if you eat enough of it, trun you into a half-man, half-plant: their favorite food. Also next in line to become goblin chow are Michael's sister's boyfriend and his moronic friends.

At least the music was somewhat good, despite the cheap MIDI-sounding synthesizer they used. Download and enjoy, and I highly reccomend seeing the movie. It's one of the best comedies ever. As a note, this was a DVD rip from the end credits, which was basically the same music as the main titles, sans sound effects.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"You're not trying to draw a psycho pension! You really are crazy!"

Here is the now-OOP limited edition extended soundtrack for 1987's "Lethal Weapon," composed by the late, great Michael Kamen and Eric Clapton. You know the plot: aging, edge of retirement cop Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is paired with psycho, reckless cop Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), who has gained a death wish ever since the death of his wife in an auto accident (it's elaborated on more in the first sequel, but I don't want to spoil that for you). The two wind up having to tackle a drug smuggling operation headed by a general (Mitch Ryan)and his right-hand man (Gary Busey), and in which Roger's old Vietnam buddy (Tom Atkins) is reluctantly involved in.

This prototype of the buddy-cop genre is the first and the best. With a sax-heavy score (sax performed by David Sanborn) to back it uip, it gave it the edge to show that it was something different (at the time). Download and enjoy.

1. Meet Martin Riggs (05:19)
2. Amanda (03:05)
3. Suicide Attempt (02:21)
4. The Jumper/Rog & Riggs Confrontation (06:16)
5. Roger (03:59)
6. Coke Deal (04:16)
7. Mr. Joshua (04:03)
8. They Got My Daughter (01:02)
9. The Desert (07:42)
10. We're Getting To Old For This (Unused) (02:41)
11. Hollywood Blvd Chase (04:10)
12. The General's Car (01:40)
13. SOB Knows Where I Live (Orchestral Version) (01:14)
14. Yard Fight/Graveside (06:06)
15. The Weapon (Unused) (04:25)
16. Nightclub (Unused) (03:37)
17. Lethal Weapon (performed by Honeymoon Suite) (02:40)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another Repost

Thanks to Sallie, I found out that Rogepost had taken down my link for the Hudson Hawk soundtrack (probably because they were culling their files and this one hadn't been downloaded in a while). I reposted it at Megaupload. The link is in the Hudson Hawk post.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

"For John Belushi, every night was Saturday night."

A suite of Basil Poledouris' score for 1989's "Wired" has been found on his compilation album "Honor and Glory." This partially fills my request (I'd like the entire album, though). This contains the three tracks of score on the album. The tracks are (in suite order): "Eulogy," "The Choice," and "Angel of Death." You will get a plot summary and album cover once the album is uploaded and in my possession. Enjoy the suite (especially the beautiful "Eulogy.")!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

"See you in hell." "Send me a postcard."

Here's Jay Chattaway'sscore for the ultra-jingoistic 1985 Chuck Norris film "Invasion U.S.A.," brpught to you by filmpac. The plot is simple: Retired CIA agent Matt Hunter (Norris, who also co-scripted) faces off against a Russian terrorist (Richard Lynch, the go-to guy for low budget villains) and his troops who are attempting an invasion of the USA, starting with Hunter's home of Miami. You have a shootout in a shopping mall, you have car chases, and a great performance by Lynch. You also have great one-liners (a good one was used for the post's title). Plus, you get to see Chuck kick a lot of ass.

Chattaway provides a nice action score in the vein of Rambo, and is a pretty nice, exciting listen. For some reason, the first four tracks were combined into one, so this tracklisting is a bit inaccurate for those who own the original vinyl. Download and enjoy!

1. Main Title/Kidnap Chase/Airboat Armada/Night Drive
2. Matt to the Rescue
3. John Eagle's Farewell
4. The Invasion
5. Matt's Decision
6. Tanks in Atlanta
7. School Bus Bombing
8. Amusement Park Ride
9. The Battle Begins
10. Solemn Sea
11. The Trap
12. Rostov's Dream/The Finale
13. End Credits

If anyone has a picture of the actual US cover (the cover used is the French one) for this soundtrack, please let me know. You will get credit for it. Thanks in advance

"Max. I just want you to know... that I blame *you* for this."

User filmpac has ripped and uploaded Gary Chang's score for the 1986 action/comedy "Firewalker." Chuck Norris and Lousi Gossett, Jr. play Max Donigan and Leo Porter, a pair of down-and-out adventurers. With a treasure map provided by Patricia Goodwin (Melody Anderson), who has hired them, they go on a Aztec/Mayan (they are used interchangeably throughout the film)treasure hunt but have to face a multitude of obstacles on their way to wealth, including El Coyote (Sonny Landham), the titular "Firewalker," who's also after the treasure and has magical powers to back himself up.

This was an LP-only release from Varses Sarabande. Gary Chang provides an adventure score that (unlike how the film looks) is not very influenced by Indiana Jones. It's a pretty nice synth score, and it comes with the Detective's seal of approval. Download and enjoy!


1. Dueling Mystics
2. Desert Chase
3. Leo Disappears
4. Bar Fight
5. Romance On The Train
6. Traveling Music
7. Leo And The Alligator
8. Cave Adventure
9. Mariachi Bar
10. Banana Field Chase
11. In The Cave
12. Max Breaks Bottle
13. Cave Fight
14. The Temple
15. End Credits

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"He's coming to save the world, one neighborhood at a time."

Thanks to a user of Blogger who wishes to remain anonymous (will the person who uploaded this please come forward?), here is the bootleg promo score for the 1993 superhero comedy "The Meteor Man," composed by Cliff Eidelman. A nebbish Washington D.C. teacher (Robert Townsend, who also wrote and directed) is struck by a meteor one night and gains some amazing powers: he can absorb the information in any book (for 30 seconds), he can fly (but only four feet off the ground, as he's scared of heights), he can shoot ray beams out of his eyes, he can control things with psychokinetic powers, he can talk with dogs and understand them, and he has incredible strength and the power to heal. He's bulletproof and harder than steel. He can move fast enough to catch bullets. He sets to work on cleaning up his neighborhood but faces opposition by the leader of a gang called the Golden Lords (Roy Fegan) and a mobster (Frank Gorshin). He also has to deal with what happens when he starts to lose his powers due to the meteor in his system dissipating.

A nice blend of comedic themes and dark cues (for the action and drama scenes), this score is recomended for fans of Eidelman's score for "Star Trek VI" and fans of superhero scores in general. Download and enjoy.

1. Main Title (01:46)
2. Poor Lewis (00:22)
3. Ain't Crossing (01:05)
4. Initiation (02:39)
5. Meteor Strikes (02:49)
6. Jefferson Reed (00:40)
7. Stromberg Theory (01:00)
8. Hospital Vision (01:42)
9. Offensive Plan (01:01)
10. Ellington Speaks (00:39)
11. Jet Magazine (01:12)
12. Coffee Service (01:02)
13. Close to Home (00:26)
14. X-Ray Vision (00:55)
15. Jeff Protects Dad (02:07)
16. Rebirth (01:56)
17. Jealous Boyfriend (00:31)
18. Simon Says (00:21)
19. Suspicious Polaroid (00:17)
20. Mrs. Walker (01:32)
21. Off to Work (00:54)
22. Cleaning Up the 'Hood (02:33)
23. Emergency Meeting (01:03)
24. Garden of Eatin' (02:40)
25. Flowers and Candy (00:14)
26. Silnuy's Like Life (01:31)
27. The Impostor (03:13)
28. Take Off the Uniform (00:24)
29. Jeff Catches Bullets (01:30)
30. Forced Enrty (01:41)
31. Jeff Says He'll Leave (02:21)
32. Double Cross (03:14)
33. Dog Alert (03:03)
34. Meteor Spill (03:07)
35. Woratg Duel (04:00)
36. Oh No, Ellington! (01:55)
37. Ultimate Hero (01:45)
38. Reviving Ellington (01:24)
39. Bloods and Crips Unite (03:05)

EDIT: user scoreman has claimed the original upload. Thanks, scoreman.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Singles!

Thanks to Rocket from Mars, here's two more singles: "Drum Dreams" from "Xanadu" (played when Gene Kelly is skating with other skaters before the medley of songs) and the disco version of the theme from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (available on a 45" that was bundled with some copies of the LP soundtrack). You'll find both incredibly enjoyable.

Link edited as it came up "File not found." Re-upped by me. Thanks to Rocket from Mars for the source file.

"Hunting and killing babies doesn't seem to be my specialty."

Here's the Bernard Herrmann (with additional music by Laurie Johnson) score for the 1978 horror sequel "It Lives Again." It also functions as a soundtrack to its predcessor "It;s Alive," as all of Herrmann's contribution is the music from the first (the sequel was made two years after his death). Frank Davis (John P. Ryan), the father of the mutant babyfrom the first film, has joined an underground movement to try and save the mutant killer babies from a government operation to exterminate them on sight. He warns Eugene and Jody Scott (Frederic Forrest and Kathleen Lloyd) that they will have one of the creatures, but they don;t believe his theory or the fact that the police will be there to make sure her baby won't surivive. When all of this comes true, Frank comes to the rescue by getting her out of the hospotal and into a mobile operating room (located in the back of a truck). Her baby is taken to a makeshift nursery in what used to be a school, and placed with two other mutant babies in an effort to study them and learn from them, as they may be the next stage of human evolution. However, all hell breaks loose when the police locate the nursery, and when the babies escape...

It's a Bernard Herrmann score. Need I say more? Get it now!

1. Main Title (02:32)
2. Birth Traumas (02:36)
3. Evil Evolving (03:18)
4. Savage Trilogy (03:20)
5. Nightmares (02:58)
6. Beautiful And Bizarre (02:49)
7. Revulsion (04:10)
8. Basement Nursery (02:01)
9. Lamentation (03:07)
10. Living Fear (03:10)
11. Stalking The Infants (03:02)
12. Climax (02:37)

Monday, January 01, 2007

"Dead Heat" re-post

John Hartigan (site located at has gone above and beyond the call of duty by remastering my LP rip of "Dead Heat." Thanks so much, and everyone whose downloaded the old one please download the new one (link located in the "Dead Heat" post).