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Saturday, January 27, 2007

"This film will blow your mind."

Here is John Harrison's atmospheric score for the 1980 psychological thriller "Effects." Thanks to legal wrangkes and the bankruptcy of the distributor, you haven't seen this film in theaters, on TV, or on video for the past 25 years until Synapse Films ironed all that out and released it on DVD. It's worth every penny.

Dom (Joe Pilato) is a cameraman sent to work with coldhearted director Lacey Bickle (John Harrison) and his crew on the set of a cheap slasher film. He falls for Celeste (Susan Chapek), his grip and actress, and gets on well with the crew, but something, to him, doesn't feel right about Lacey, and his suspicions lead him to uncover a secret that has the cast and crew in mortal danger. You want to find out what it is? Watch the film and see...

John Harrison's music is great, as always, and this ranks right up there with "Creepshow." Download and enjoy.

1. Main Title (03:06)
2. Man In The Mirror (00:16)
3. Lacey Checks The Cameras (01:34)
4. Celeste Does Shakespeare / Rita Gets Yanked (01:26)
5. Special Effects (00:31)
6. Radio Jingles (01:58)
7. Barney’s Dream (01:24)
8. I Need Your Love (02:51)
9. Desperate Pain (03:32)
10. Dom & Celeste Go Fishing (01:08)
11. Into The Control Room Pt. 1 (01:08)
12. Boy Talk (01:44)
13. Into The Control Room Pt. 2 (01:05)
14. I Gotta Run (03:28)
15. Dom & Celeste Meet The Pig (00:40)
16. The Chase (02:52)
17. Rita Hears Ghosts (00:57)
18. Barney Dies / Celeste Shoots Lacey (02:37)
19. The Escape (00:34)
20. Did You Get It? (01:05)
21. End Title (02:37)
22. UBU (After Satie) (03:52)


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